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    Third-Party Web Apps

    Sandia Digital can set up third party web applications such as SalesForce, Marchex, and many Google apps

    About Web Applications

    Websites today bring a wide spectrum of functionality.  Everything from a visual text editor to complex e-commerce can be set up on the simplest of WordPress or Drupal installations. However even with that broad functionality, there are still voids in what a business owner may need.  Third party web apps can help fill that void by providing extensive functionality in form submissions, phone call tracking, and much more.

    Sandia Digital is able to set up the right web apps for your business website no matter if it is small or enterprise-class.  We take in mind the size and scope of your website, your target market, and even the capabilities of your host and server in order to implement the best web apps (or suites) for your website.  We are even able to track and improve your reach with our maintenance and SEO subscriptions.

    Sandia Digital can implement third party web apps on your website in many ways.  We can find or develop the best plugins or extensions, or alternatively we can hard code directly into the website’s header or footer to best capture visitor data before or after page load.  Though we are very knowledgeable with several apps, we are most skilled with the following:


    SalesForce is one of the most popular tools for form submission and lead generation.  SalesForce account users can track submissions, delegate follow-ups, and even account lead-based profits.  Sandia Digital can implement and tailor SalesForce for your small business or enterprise-class website.


    Marchex is an excellent web app for phone call tracking, especially for business owners that are moving into new areas.  Phone numbers generated in Marchex can be unique to a web page (or pages), set up to dial a single number, and then tracked within the Marchex dashboard.  Sandia Digital can further integrate Marchex into Google Analytics, providing a very comprehensive data set for visitor growth.

    Google Apps

    Google offers a wide variety of web apps, including their analytics and tag manager suites, calendars, and much more.  Sandia Digital can also develop proprietary web apps for your website to assist in power/data consumption by your host or server.  Contact us today for more info!

    Third Party Web Apps Maintenance

    Sandia Digital can set up and monitor your web app data, as well as make recommendations on what demographics or geographic areas you want to target.  We have several plans available for monthly, weekly, and even daily monitoring depending on your needs.

    Sandia Digital has a portfolio of several clients with a variety of third party web apps implemented.  Take a look at a few of those clients below.

    HealthFusion – MediTouch

    An enterprise medical billing and records company

    Albuquerque Web Design - An Enterprise-level website running WordPress on Amazon AWS.

    Dr. Wolf – Cosmetic Surgeon

    A Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

    Albuquerque Web Design - A custom WordPress implementation using HTML5 and CSS3 for a cosmetic surgeon..

    Scatena Daniels

    An ad agency for non-profits and charities

    Web Design Albuquerque Spam removal with ASP Classic, PHP5 and SQL Server.

    RevCult – Streamlining Sales

    Sales Growth and Technology Leaders

    Web Design - A Wordpress installation that required some simple CSS3 updates.

    Turtle Bay Resort – Oahu

    An upscale Oahu Hotel running Drupal

    Web Design - Drupal installation updates running Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

    Garage Door Medics

    Utilizing Google Analytics and Marchex Call-Tracking

    Web Design Albuquerque - Customizations to a WordPress site using CSS3 and PHP5.

    If you have any questions regarding third party web apps or the setup process, contact Sandia Digital today to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person appointment.