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    Dr. Wolf – Cosmetic Surgeon

    Dr. David Wolf is a local cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon running an HTML5/WordPress website

    Albuquerque Web Design - A custom WordPress implementation using HTML5 and CSS3 for a cosmetic surgeon..

    Website: DrDavidWolf.com

    Project Goals

      • WordPress Development
      • CSS3 Design
      • Custom Slideshow
      • Content Transfer
      • Contact Form 7 Setup
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Post-Implementation Testing




    SEO & Analytics

    Dr. David Wolf is a prominent cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon based in San Diego, CA.  Doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and many others in the medical field (including Dr. Wolf) are incredibly skilled individuals, however they are also incredibly busy.  Due to their schedule, owners of medical practitioners will commonly outsource web design, SEO, and online advertising to firms like Sandia Digital.  Unlike Sandia Digital however,  several firms will charge quite a bit for very little.  In Dr. Wolf’s case, he was being charged almost $1,000/mo for one minor change to his website per month.  Dr. Wolf did not like that at all, and decided to contract Sandia Digital for an update.

    Upon first look, there were several items that needed to be corrected.  SEO performed to Dr. Wolf’s website was very poor, his website image was very outdated, and his website was difficult for him to administer when needed.

    Sandia Digital first began putting together a new design for Dr. Wolf, and we coded that design into a WordPress theme suitable for desktop, tablet, and mobile environments.  Below are the before and after pics of Dr. Wolf’s new site:

    Dr. David Wolf's Old Site - a Standard HTML website

    Dr. Wolf’s older website.

    Dr Wolf's new site - running WordPress and Third Party Mobile Apps

    Dr. Wolf’s new web design.

    After coming up with a suitable design, we ported his existing content into the new WordPress platform and set up hosting.  Dr. Wolf had a very polished draft of his website within about 3 months, and the website went live not long after making a few minor updates to content and images.

    Dr. Wolf also pays far less on a monthly basis for much more.  Sandia Digital’s plan for Dr. Wolf covers 10hrs/mo for SEO, updates and backups, and we do not restrict you out of your site.  Contact us to learn more about our monthly maintenance and SEO packages.