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    About Sandia Digital

    The Sandia Digital team has over a decade combined experience to bring you exactly what you need.

    Welcome to Sandia Digital

    Sandia Digital recognizes that the world of digital marketing is complex and infinite.  Businesses can hire ‘Firm A’ for web design, ‘Person B’ for photography, and ‘Platform C’ for hosting, and this wouldn’t be unusual.  Over time however, the web of contracts can get tangled, files and folders lost, and your business productivity comes to a halt.

    Sandia Digital was founded on the principle of simplicity.  We want our business partners to be able to come to us for a majority of their needs, as our capabilities are much greater than what most firms or people can offer.  Does your business need products photographed, which will then go onto an e-commerce site?  We can do that.  Do you need to tie an app into a membership-based website’s database?  We can do that too.  Malicious code removal?  Site and data backups?  Re-branding?  Yep, we can handle that for your business!  No longer do you need to hire several firms to do several jobs.

    Our Mission

    Sandia Digital’s mission is to simplify digital marketing for your business.  We offer many capabilities that we can tie into many services.  Our mission also encompasses quality and quality control – we never offshore for services, so you can count on a local team that delivers in a timely manner.

    Our Staff

    Demir Oral - Founder & Lead Developer

    Demir OralFounder & Lead Developer

    Demir Oral is the founder of Sandia Digital.  He started working on photo editing and light web-design during his time at Saint Louis University back in 2002.  He fell in love with web-design while interning for a non-profit as a web-developer, creating a payment gateway for an upcoming event they were hosting.  He continued down this path and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems.

    After graduation, Demir created several websites for various real estate and e-commerce projects by contract.  In 2010, Demir worked for a non-profit in San Diego, CA as a data analyst, creating reports that tied into a large SQL database.  Many of these reports are still in use today.

    Demir’s passion for web-design and all things tech lead him to start his own digital marketing business, and Sandia Digital was born.  Demir still works as a developer and editor, and is typically directly involved with our clients.  You will very likely speak with him throughout every stage of your project, and he will be very knowledgeable of its inner workings.

    The staff at Sandia Digital is here to support you.  We have a dedicated mobile app developer, graphic designers, photographer, and web developer on site, as well as tech support that can come to you in an emergency.  Our staff also has broad knowledge across the tech field, meaning they will be able to give the best options for your projects.  In addition, unlike many marketing firms we do not offshore.  This means that you will be able to speak with us during normal business hours, will receive completed projects timely, and will have your projects done with attention to detail.

    Contact Sandia Digital today to learn more about us, or to schedule an appointment time to discuss a project.