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    HealthFusion – MediTouch

    HealthFusion is an enterprise-class medical software firm running WordPress on Amazon AWS Cloud Servers

    Albuquerque Web Design - An Enterprise-level website running WordPress on Amazon AWS.

    Website: HealthFusion.com

    Project Goals

      • WordPress Development
      • CSS3 Design
      • Enterprise Setup
      • Amazon AWS Cloud Implementation
      • Contact Form 7 Setup
      • SalesForce Integration
      • Post-Implementation Testing



    Amazon AWS


    SalesForce Integrated

    WordPress Enterprise


    Form Management

    Within the last five years, WordPress has become a significant player in the Content Management System field.  Originally starting as a simple website CMS for bloggers, the administrative tools and plugins developed for WordPress have made it a very powerful CMS for small business, e-commerce setups, and even large corporations and enterprises.

    HealthFusion came to Sandia Digital in need of an update to their existing WordPress platform.  They liked their modern theme, but required a hefty update for mobile users.  Additionally they needed to make sure that the update could sustain over 100,000 visitors daily and host the website on an Amazon AWS Cloud server.  Sandia Digital was up to the challenge.

    Using a sandbox, Sandia Digital designed a mobile-friendly theme that could be easily tested as a website.  Sandia Digital set up several tasteful features for the mobile environment, including a collapsible menu, scalable slideshow, and contact forms that are integrated with SalesForce.

    Fully mobile responsive design. Includes third party apps such as Google analytics and SalesForce
    Mobile Menu Apps for Enterprise WordPress Site

    Upon approval, Sandia Digital scheduled a brief downtime in the late evening/early morning to make sure there was minimal visitor loss.  The overall implementation was also very quick at about 15 minutes or so.  HealthFusion is very happy with their Enterprise WordPress site, and continues to contract Sandia Digital for updates and maintenance.

    If you are curious about updating your enterprise site, contact Sandia Digital to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person appointment.