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    Web Design

    Sandia Digital is able to design a website for any small business, enterprise, e-commerce and non-profit entities.

    Albuquerque’s Web Design & Development Leader

    Today, more and more people are using the web to find what they need.  The US Census reports that 73.4 percent of all households in Albuquerque and the United States have a high-speed internet connection, and over 80% of all households report computer ownership [US Census ACS Report – 2013].  It is important for businesses to have an updated web presence that is tailored to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and quality web design is critical for this role.

    When it comes to web design, Albuquerque’s Sandia Digital can handle a complete build from scratch or a full update of your current website.  Our web design team has over a decade of experience, and develops with the most recent standards in mind.  We make sure our websites are compatible to all devices, are top-rated for SEO, and are as secure as possible.  Being local to Albuquerque and New Mexico, we are also with you every step of the way through the web design and development process, and are locally available in case there are any issues.

    We design and develop our websites in many ways.  A custom platform can be developed specifically for your needs with HTML5 and CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and/or SQL Server; alternatively we can also develop your website around the following Content Management Systems:


    The WordPress CMS can be used for everything from small business websites to e-commerce and enterprise websites.  Take a look at it’s versatility here:


    Sandia Digital develops around the Drupal CMS for small business websites, as well as some social media platforms.  Learn more about Drupal here:


    The Joomla! CMS is excellent for some medium-sized and enterprise-level websites.  Sandia Digital can set up a website using Joomla! for your business.


    The Magento CMS is an excellent choice for e-commerce sites.  Along with an open-source version, Magento can be scaled up for enterprise operations.

    Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards are continually updated within search engines such as Google.  Code and techniques which once boosted a website’s ranking, can now actually degrade it’s position very quickly.  Unique content and very clean code must be written and developed to meet the current SEO requirements for all search engines.  Additionally, third party and social media sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google Maps must be managed for up to date business information and reputation.  Sandia Digital is Albuquerque’s SEO leader, and can assist in placing your site at the top of Google.

    Server Administration, Hosting & Maintenance

    While there are many large server and small business hosting options for your website, very few of them offer extended maintenance.  If your website requires significant updates, backups, or fixes due to malicious code, it will take much more than the basic tech support that those server and hosting options offer.  Sandia Digital has very affordable maintenance plans for websites on both small hosting options and large, dedicated servers.  We have experience with providers such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, and Amazon AWS Cloud Servers, as well as many others.

    Analytics & Third-Party App Integration

    No matter whether web design is tailored for a small business or a large enterprise, data and tracking are very important.  This can range from a simple Google Analytics integration to something much more complex.  Sandia Digital is able to implement a variety of analytics suites as well as third party web applications such as SalesForce, HubSpot, and Marchex to name a few.

    Security & SSL Certificates

    Sandia Digital takes your website’s security very seriously.  We design and develop your website around meticulous standards, and can continuously update your site after implementation.  If your website is already compromised, we are able to clean up your database and any malicious code.  We also work with and implement SSL Certificates (for secure connections and e-commerce implementations) from several major providers.  Being local to Albuqueruque and New Mexico, we can be at your offices right away if there are any emergencies.

    Web Design Pricing

    A frequently asked question about any web design project is the cost.  Pricing and cost for web design projects can vary depending on needs and function, however price can also depend on who is designing your website.  There are many firms that unfortunately require a $10,000 minimum for any work, no matter on the size or functionality of the site.  Sandia Digital is much more flexible in this regard, and can perform work at a fraction of the cost that many firms charge their clients.  Being Albuquerque’s web design leader we do not offshore work, as we find that offshoring typically leads to poor quality and missed deadlines.

    While we can’t give you an exact price of a website without knowing the requirements, we can give you our average costs for small business, non-profit, e-commerce and enterprise class websites below.

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    If you have any questions regarding the web design and development process, contact Sandia Digital today to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person appointment.