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    Web Design - A Wordpress installation that required some simple CSS3 updates.

    Website: RevCult.com

    Project Goals

      • WordPress Development
      • Web Design
      • Third-Party Application
      • Hard Code Development
      • Theme Development
      • HubSpot Implementation
      • Post-Implementation Testing





    Occasionally a business may face strange errors integrating third party apps with their website, and will need assistance.  Properly integrating Google Analytics, HubSpot, Marchex and HubSpot can be challenging, as in some cases they may conflict with each other.  In this case, RevCult was looking to integrate HubSpot with their website, and to avoid any mistakes, contracted Sandia Digital to assist in this aspect of their web design.

    The first task Sandia Digital performs is a complete backup of the website.  This way if there are any issues with updated code or database fields, Sandia Digital can immediately revert to an older copy of the site.  It’s an extra step that takes a bit of time, but it is almost always worthwhile in the end.  We have seen many websites hit with spam or other malicious code that did not have a backup available, and it took many hours to clean it up.  Backups can almost instantly reverse an error whether malicious or unintentional.

    After completing the backup, Sandia Digital took the appropriate HubSpot code and integrated it within the theme set up for RevCult.  Sandia will typically edit a theme’s “header.php” file, and this was very applicable for RevCult.  This way, the third party integration only requires the editing of a single file rather than a full setup of a brand new plugin.  Essentially this streamlines the process and makes it simple for future edits.

    HubSpot is running very well on RevCult’s website, and they have had no issues since!