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    Non-Profit Web Design

    Sandia Digital is able to design, update, and maintain a website for your non-profit or charity

    About Web Design for Non-Profits

    Web design for non-profits and charities is as critical today as good placement in a phone-book was 20 years ago, as more and more people are using digital means to search for non-profit information and reviews.  A non-profit website must look sharp, feature relevant content, and be mobile-friendly.  Moreso, a non-profit website must be free of poor content and old images.  Sandia Digital is available to assist in building or rebranding your non-profit website with a variety of means.

    When it comes to web design, Sandia Digital can handle a complete build from scratch or a full update of your current website.  Our web design team has over a decade of experience, and develops with the most recent standards in mind.  We make sure our websites are compatible to all devices, are top-rated for SEO, and are as secure as possible.  We are also with you every step of the way through the web design and development process, and are locally available in case there are any issues.

    We design and develop our non-profit websites in many ways.  A custom platform can be developed specifically for your needs with HTML5 and CSS3; alternatively we can also develop your website around the following Content Management Systems:


    The WordPress CMS can be used for everything from simple websites to complex nation-wide installations.


    The Drupal platform is very useful for simple websites, larger institutions, and web portals.


    The Joomla! CMS is excellent for web portals and institutional/educational websites.

    Non-Profit Web Design Pricing

    A frequently asked question about any web design project is the cost.  Pricing and cost for web design projects can vary depending on needs and function, however price can also depend on who is designing your website.  There are many firms that unfortunately require a $10,000 minimum for any work, no matter on the size or functionality of the site.  Sandia Digital is much more flexible in this regard, and can perform work at a fraction of the cost that many firms charge their clients.  We also do not offshore work, as we find that typically offshoring leads to poor quality and missed deadlines.

    While we can’t give you an exact price of a website without knowing the requirements, we can give you our average costs for non-profit web design below.

    Sandia Digital Avg. Price - Non-Profit Websites: $2,000
    Other Firms' Avg. Price - Small Business Websites: $5,000

    Sandia Digital has a portfolio of several non-profit clients.  Take a look at a few below.

    HealthFusion – MediTouch

    An enterprise medical billing and records company

    Albuquerque Web Design - An Enterprise-level website running WordPress on Amazon AWS.

    Dr. Wolf – Cosmetic Surgeon

    A Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

    Albuquerque Web Design - A custom WordPress implementation using HTML5 and CSS3 for a cosmetic surgeon..

    Scatena Daniels

    An ad agency for non-profits and charities

    Web Design Albuquerque Spam removal with ASP Classic, PHP5 and SQL Server.

    RevCult – Streamlining Sales

    Sales Growth and Technology Leaders

    Web Design - A Wordpress installation that required some simple CSS3 updates.

    Turtle Bay Resort – Oahu

    An upscale Oahu Hotel running Drupal

    Web Design - Drupal installation updates running Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

    Garage Door Medics

    Utilizing Google Analytics and Marchex Call-Tracking

    Web Design Albuquerque - Customizations to a WordPress site using CSS3 and PHP5.

    If you have any questions regarding the web design and development process, contact Sandia Digital today to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person appointment.