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    A Drupal-based membership site for personal trainers, gyms and spas

    Web Design - Custom HTML5, CSS3 and Drupal build.

    Website: LuvDove.com

    Project Goals

      • Drupal CMS Setup
      • Custom Theme Development
      • User Interactivity
      • Mobile Compatibility
      • Membership Subscription
      • PayPal Integration
      • Simple/Map Searches
      • Member Categorization





    LuvDove.com is a website that allows gyms, spas, and personal trainers to advertise locally.  Using a simple search algorithm, the visitor can drill down on what services or type of personal trainer they prefer, and select what is best for them.

    The Drupal platform was the most ideal foundation for this project.  It was very easy to incorporate and configure the proper modules for membership/PayPal subscription, and write a theme specific for the client.  Drupal’s ‘path’ configuration and generated code also allowed for optimal SEO configuration.

    Within a month of launch, the site owner was able to bring in several personal trainers and a gym as well.  It is still growing strong today!