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    Housing on Merit

    A non-profit geared towards helping families achieve affordable housing

    Project Goals

      • Administrative Backend Creation
      • WordPress CMS Migration
      • WordPress Theme Development
      • Photo Gallery Integration
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Link/Social Media Update
      • Non-Profit Pricing





    Back in 2013, Housing on Merit (HOM) was contracted to a website firm that required HOM to go through them for updates and hosting.  This was ~$100/month, and HOM required it very infrequently.  Sandia Digital was asked to put a website together for HOM that allowed for them to make updates on their own time and move hosting to a provider of HOM’s choosing.

    Based on their needs, Sandia Digital set up a WordPress framework and configured a theme for HOM to easily alter.

    This framework allows for Housing On Merit to easily make updates to everything from their basic mission to their community photo galleries and more.

    Housing On Merit also requested lightweight PayPal integration for donations, which we happily assisted in setting up for them.

    While Sandia Digital does offer hosting and maintenance services, we do not require any of our clients to purchase these along with any websites, apps, or anything else we may be contracted for.  Additionally, Sandia Digital offers all of our non-profit and charitable organizations a discounted price for services.

    If you are interested in monthly maintenance, SEO, or web design for your non-profit or charitable organization, contact Sandia Digital today to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone appointment.